XBMC Kodi: android version overview

Kodi xbmc box is the set of add-ons and other tools that allow to stream, watch the videos both offline and online, but most importantly – the owner of kodi xbmc box does not need to change any preferences or download add-ons, because it had been already done by skilled developers.

XBMC Kodi: android boxes will be great again

The amount of kodi xbmc live tv add-ons is enormous, but about 40% of them is completely useless. We mean so-called “Random online time channels”. Just imagine that you want to watch the certain episode of your favorite series via kodi xbmc live tv. There are three possible options. First is searching for the certain add-on that have its own server with the episodes on it. Second is channels that were mentioned above, where you can just test your luck, because there is no schedule at all. The third is stable channels that change their hardware pretty often to escape bans. Therefore, person, who sells kodi xbmc box know all the right add-ons and mods, so your kodi xbmc live tv does not differ from default TV so much, but it is slightly cheaper.

XBMC kodi android boxes – solve the puzzle

But, everyone can save even more money by installing xbmc kodi on android on your own. However, this variant require programming skills. Some of you might say that xbmc kodi box does not differs from the smartphone and they will be partially right. Unfortunately, modern people do not know much about an ability to use the xbmc kodi box with G-Boxes, produced by Matricom.

xbmc kodi box is popular product, you can search it on eBay to make sure. They are pretty cheap and the quality of signal depends on your internet connection only. For kodi xbmc, android is the best platform, because it gives much more opportunities than Windows or Xbox 360. By the way kodi xbmc has an android app for remote control, which turns your G-box and your smartphone into perfect duo.

Kodi XBMC: android inside the android

Some of you may not know it, but every Play Market application could be installed into Kodi, which means that G-Box owners are happy people. At first, they are able to use any kind of movie app (e.g. Netfilx) to watch the newest episodes and then easily switch to the live broadcast of any channel. Add remote control from your smartphone to see the scale of the integration. Using Kodi, you may start downloading the episode right from the workplace by you mobile device, so it will be completely ready for watching just before you arrived at home. Pretty neat, huh?

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