Where should you download Kodi for Android?

In this article, we are going to explain you how to download kodi for android in details. We will also tell you how to download kodi android apk file, which could be useful knowledge for people, who has devices that do not support this application. Let’s start!

Download kodi: Android Play Market

First you need to launch the Play Market itself. Since it is obligatory application for our device, kodi android download could be performed with it.

You need to enter the “kodi” into search tab and the results will be next. They may differ a bit, depending on your network provider or country, from where you would like to download kodi for android.

Kodi will always be the first possible application. Press “Install”.

Kodi download for android requires access to app history and media files. Press “Accept”.

Kodi android download begins. Just wait several minutes. You need stable connection, so Wi-Fi will be the best option.

When the Kodi android download ends, the installing process will start.

That’s all. As you can see, Kodi android download is simple and fast.

Download Kodi: Android apk file

Unfortunately, some of modern devices does not allow you to download kodi on android right from the app store.

If you have the same issue, you still can download kodi on android right from the official web-site: kodi.tv

To do it, browse to the kodi – download – android

Now, pick version of kodi download. Android has two different versions of stable apk file for 32-bit and for 64-bit operating systems.

There are two additional version of kodi download. Android allows to use software, which are under stage of beta-testing.

However, this kind of kodi download for android is not recommend for ordinary users. Some of add-on developers need time to port their products into updated version, so if you would like the stable kodi download for android, just ignore this option.

Kodi for Android download: beware of fake websites

We know that some scammer could want you to buy kodi for android. Download and using of application is completely free. However, setting up and some of add-ons may be chargeable, but none of them was designed by team that works on kodi for android. Download right now and get access to most customizable media center right now!



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