Where can I download kodi apk legally?

Kodi apk download has two options. First, and the most common, is Google Play Market. All you need to do is find the application, and press Install, just like on the screenshot below. In a short amount of time, (it may take up to 15 minutes, depending on your connection speed and device performance) you will be able to use Kodi.

However, sometimes your devices does not support first way, so you need to download kodi apk and install it manually. In these terms, you need to be sure that Kodi apk download file is free from viruses and other malware. Fortunately, media center has its official web site, where you can get any apk safely.

Remember: official website is the only completely safe place to download kodi apk. Moreover, if you use the search engines to find it, the right option will be 4th or the third in the list, so check the address bar – https://kodi.tv/. We came across a lot of cheaters and liars that want you to install several additional programs or even to buy Kodi, which has an open source code.

If you are going to perform the Kodi apk download, you should use your PC instead of smartphone or tablet, just because anti-virus software on PC or Mac is slightly more powerful. Most of Android users prefer free applications, so they do not have a reliable protection system on their device. Moreover, some of websites are full of junky advertisements and you will get 20 more browser tabs opened after a single click. Using the official portal saves your traffic and prevents malware installation.

Download kodi apk: step by step

Enter the https://kodi.tv/ – only official website for Kodi apk download

Then you need to scroll a little bit down, to find this chapter

Now click on Android and scroll down again to see this.

Depending on version of your operating system and amount of cores in your device, you need to choose the proper file. The first line is for stable builds and the second is for builds, which pass the testing stage.

Click on any of them and the download will start!

You should always keep in mind that https://kodi.tv/download is the only safe place, where you can get the latest versions of Kodi for any kind of device.

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