Alternative KODI launcher (Fire starter banned)

Amazon recently banned Fire Starter, from now you can’t go to Kodi from your screen. Please register your Fire TV Stick with any Amazon account or create one (it’s free). TO USE KODIĀ  GO to SETTINGS > APPLICATIONS > MANAGED INSTALLED APPLICATIONS > click KODI TO INSTALL NEW VERSION OF FIRE STARTER Download


CAST A WAY is a new add-onn to watch LIVE SPORTS 2016

Hey guys, please check out a new add-onn what is called CAST A WAY. This is alternative to DIGITELE SPORTS aka SportsDevil. Thanks to NATKO1412 for this add-on. It was recently updated to 0.0.9 version. HOW TO INSTALL: go to ADDONNS category > ADDON INSTALLER > FEATURED ADDONS > CAST A WAY > thenĀ INSTALL then…