Kodi First Start

Welcome to SuperKodi.com! Thank you for your purchase!


Connect your Amazon Fire TV stick to HDMI port

Plug into wall outlet

When you first start your Fire TV stick, let it boot up and load wait untill you see this screen.

All stick come with Fire Starter.

Connect to your WiFi (Fire TV Settings > System > Network)

Register with any Amazon Account (Create one if you don’t have it)

(Fire TV Settings > My Account > Account)

To access Kodi double press the Home button or simply scroll menu to Kodi icon.

Once Kodi Opens it will look like this:

Check out all add-ons under categories!

If you have any questions feel free to contact us.


DO NOT CLICK CLEAR DATA. You will erase everything. This device not rooted.

All apps are side-loaded and all add-onns are from third party online sources and are subject to go down for maintenance or repair. I’m not affiliated with any of these sources and cannot guarantee their continuous functioning.

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