Latest kodi versions and where to find them

You need to keep all your applications updated. Modern services and marketplaces allow you to do such a thing, but, in rare cases, you need to do it manually. If the automatic update option was not enabled, you need to search for latest kodi version manually.

There are a lot of fake websites that promise downloading the latest kodi version, does not have a thing in common with the original app. They are liars who want you to pay money for a free app or to watch tons of add or to install the software, which you do not need.

If you are android user, who downloaded the application from the Play Market, you probably have the latest kodi version. To find out do you really need the update, just compare the version of your app with the one from downloading section of the official website.

In case of perfect match, you can just keep on using Kodi and wait for update. Important note: after the update, some of your add-on may not work at all for several hours or even several days. The reason is simple: developers need some time to port their application to make them suitable for the last kodi version.

People, who are good at developing, or the creators of add-on, who need to be ready for the upcoming changes, should download the beta-version of application. One more time: official website is the only place for safe downloading.

At the moment of writing of this article the v18 with codename Leia was going to be released in the nearest future. The versions of the APK files updating almost every night, so you will have to download them pretty often. After performing of all major fixes, v18 will be the latest kodi version.

Now you can pick from three different packs:

  • Testing
  • X86
  • ARMV7A for both 32 and 64-bit versions of Android

What about the other platforms?

The entire developing process does not differ so much, so you can see that Windows version also has stable release and testing executable.

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