Kodi TV box: possible options

Talking about kodi tv, people often forget about the hardware, giving all their attention to software issues. We must warn you that performance of the “box” matters a lot. That is why we crated the list of the best possible kodi tv devices and some of its participants may even surprise you.

However, let us start from little disclaimer that explains several important features of kodi tv:

  • The list of kodi tv channels depends on your current physical location and ip-address. It means that if you are not from United States, you need to use VPN or VPS.
  • Settings of your kodi tv box matter the most, so if you want to get stable broadcast, you should find the specialist or the instructions on the web. Some of them may be found on your website.
  • The signal does not matter at all, because kodi tv channels are broadcasted via internet. Thus, the stable wireless connection do affect the quality of image.
  • Tutorial for adding of new kodi tv channels is different for every device there is no universal recipe.
  • You can get access to almost every live broadcast via proper add-on. We highly recommend you to install DNA TV or cChanel. You can find the guides here

Now, when everything is clear, let us continue.

The list of the best devices that could be used for kodi tv box:

Amazon Fire TV Stick is cheap and easy to set up. The guideline for installing Kodi on this device is here – check it out!

Amazon Fire TV is great too and it allows you to watch the 4K movies without any lags. The only disadvantage is absence of official app in amazon store.

G-box is the best option of all times. At first, you can install the Android-version of Kodi on your mobile device and on box, which allows you to use the remote control right from your work or café or wherever you are now. The only issue is huge amount of available add-ons, but you should not worry, because finding the right one is easy.

Creating your own PC. The geeks will find this option the most suitable. Nevertheless, here come two important questions. Are you smart enough to set up the entire streaming process on your own? Are you ready to spend additional money to provide the 4K support? If both answers was “Yes”, get ready to get the most customizable kodi tv box ever.

Our team constantly works to find new and interesting material, so this article may expand later. However, this information should be enough for you to make the right choice.


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