Kodi movie add-ons are cinemaholic paradise

Using kodi for movies is great idea, but the process itself is connected with several issues. Frankly, all the kodi movies have one single problem – add-ons are dying almost every day, so it is hard to find something reliable. Fortunately, there are several reliable tools for watching kodie movies from any kind of device. We took the responsibility to create a short list of them. Hope, it will be useful for every true cinemaholic.

Exodus is one of the best kodie movie add-ons. In late summer it seem to die, but the developers find the way to save the platform, so it came back even stronger than it was before. The main advantage of Exodus is user interface, because the application may seem pretty complicated for some of you, but this kodie movie tool is fast and easy to use.

If you do not know what film you would like to see, just install the SALTS, which is kodie movie add-on. In settings you may pick the best streams and watch the 4K HD blockbusters for free. However, sometimes the translations falls down and the channels does not seem to appear for a long terms. At the moment of writing of this article, Stream All The Sources was doing just fine, so you might test your luck too!

Specto can be considered as the most stable add-on in area of kodie movies. It differs from other first two participants because of stability and constant updating of the library. Warning: during the installing you may experience some lags or glitches, but it is OK. The reason for such inconvenience is simple – several plugins should be installed simultaneously.

Bob is not the name for great high quality tool, which contains kodie movies, is it? You should not be fooled by name or bright interface. It develops by several different teams, so you should check the info just after installation, because this section contains data that allows you to join secret channels with great films. And we are not meaning adult, so keep it in mind.

BBC player is great library of shows, movies and TV-series. There is only one single disadvantage: to browse it all you should be a resident of United Kingdom or pay for license. Some of us were looking for a fix, so we can ensure you that usage of British VPS or VPN does not give access to the most interesting projects. Anyway, the quality and amount of content made us to buy a license, but you can try to find another way.

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