Kodi games: NES strikes again

Every modern media center should contain several ways of entertaining the users, and Kodi is not an exception. Unfortunately, there are no built-in gaming applications or certain “kodi games” section in menu, but add-ons are here to change the situation.

Some of you might know that every game for android that had been already installed on your smartphone could be launched via Kodi. Games will work in usual way, the only difference is ability to download mobile versions and launch them on you TV. However, if you would like to start the game, which was designed for PC or console, you need the special add-on.

That is why, we are glad to present you current top-list of add-ons, providing kodi games.

Free ROMs Downloader. This add-on is created for people, who like the retro-games that were popular at first consoles. We consider it as great database for good-old pixel platformers and shooters. Unfortunately, the range of available games feels pretty short and even masterpieces may get you bored.

Card games are everywhere, so there is nothing surprising in appearing of Kodi Blackjack. To play it, you do not even need to wake from the sofa, because the add-on itself could be downloaded right from browser.

Steam launcher. Steam is world biggest gaming platform/store, so every true has its own Steam account. Steambox was released several years ago. It is pretty powerful hardware combination, which is compatible with new Steam Controller. But you do not need by it all, thanks to this add-on for Kodi. It allows you to launch the Steam’s built-in Big Picture mode to use your box as the gaming station. Nevertheless, you should be careful – gaming needs a device with great performance.

RetroMania, actually, is not an add-on. It is build. You may heard about preset kodi boxes that could be uses as TV, and this build allows you to turn your media center into gaming station. It is extremely useful feature for two common cases. First is when your friends come to your place with children. Second is when you want to remember the first games of you childhood.

Nintendo Entertainment System had a lot of great games, but Duck Shooting is the best one. We have even cried a little bit during the gaming process, so nostalgia made us to add this add-on to the list.


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