Kodi android app: main features

Kodi app is extremely popular and universal application, which is available for almost every operating system and platform in the entire world. Some of modern devices do not support it, but we are sure that developing team is going to expand the coverage.

Kodi app download opens you a brand new world with enormous amount of new possibilities. Some of users describe Kodi app as “operating systems inside another operating system”, but it is even something bigger. The main advantage of this media center is unity, because Kodi app allows you to keep your video, TV-shows, music and photos in one single application.

Kodi app download sets you free from having approximately five different applications with strict purpose. Let us make it clear for you.

Kodi android app for movies

Long flights is casual stuff for hard-working people. There are several ways to spend the time: some may be preparing for next meeting, some could study or read books, and some can watch movies. Yeah, Apple owners can buy a certain film, but kodi app for android gives you an opportunity to save money. For example, you already have some old movie that you like. If they are almost 10 years old, you may buy it almost for nothing, and then, copy the files to SD card and play then whenever you want to.

Sometimes, you do not have enough time to download the movie, because you are in terrible hurry. For these occasions, you may use any of hundreds of add-ons for kodi app. Android users have the most of them, while SmartTV or Xbox owner need to wait a bit until all of the modes will be ported to these platforms. No matter what do you use to launch kodi app, download is safe only when you use the official web-site or marketplace. The links are:

Video add-ons give you an opportunity to watch all the channels from all over the world, starting from the HBO or ABC and ending with some pirate broadcast translations. Thus, you do not need to warry about missing the episode of your favorite show – all you need is stable internet connection and kodi app for android.

Kodi app: download the add-ons and find new music!

It is pretty hard to stay original nowadays, because many musicians try to copy old-school singers, while other try to make a show, instead of making the music. Therefore, we may be too strange, but we use the radio to find new bands or songs. However, there is one great obstacle – you do not know what exactly track is now playing.  Kodi android app does not have this kind of issue, because every station allows you to know the name of the song. We would like to show you the Calm Radio add-on, which is completely free part of Kodi android app.

Here you can pick the genre and then the artist.

There is small bio, information about next song and the recent ones, so it is impossible to miss a thing.

You need to understand that this is only one small part of the Kodi android app, which has even more potential than most of radio-applications on the marketplace.

Kodi app for android: create your personal gallery.

You have an android device and you feel the lack of free space, don’t you? There is nothing to worry about, because it is common issue. The reason is simple –amount of applications. Kodi app for android is true media center, so you do not need to have many different programs for pictures, videos and songs any more.

After installing of kodi app, android starts working much faster, because RAM is not overloaded and all you need is stored in one single application that takes about 400 amount of free space even with approximately 30 add-ons, which is great.

Kodi app – android users’ choice

“Yeah, Kodi is completely free, so they must be monetizing the application, so there will be a lot of annoying ads.” This is a pretty common though, but it has nothing in common with reality. Kodi app – has an open source code, so add-ons could be created by anybody, from any country.

We, just like Kodi developers, believe that users can create the tools better that software teams. It’s all about understanding of the users. And if the uses and the developer is one person, could there be any place for misunderstandings?

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