Is there only Kodi tv addons?

Xbmc kodi addons, meaning the add-ons, which are supported only by Xbox version of Kodi, is extremely rare feature. The application is moving on, developers works hard to covers as much devices as possible, so every of xbmc kodi addons had to be updated.

Today, the application has a special section for add-ons and several ways to install them. Just check the screenshots below.

This is how add-on section of kodi looks like. We used an almost new device to make the screenshots for this article, but it allows to show all the kinds of xbmc kodi addons and explain the differences between them extremely clear.

tv addons, or kodi video add-ons, has a straightforward purpose: to provide you with movies and live broadcasts of favorite channels. In modern world, the platforms like YouTube become an important part of entertaining, so you may watch the videos from popular bloggers within the kodi. TV addons need to be installed manually in most of cases.

Fortunately, our portal offer several tutorials for installing tv addons. Kodi allows you to watch the channels from all over the world, but in some cases you need to hide your real IP-address, so you should be ready to download VPN application. Most of them are free, but if you need the stable connection (and it is necessary for TV steaming), we recommend you to buy your own VPS. DNA TV may be considered the one of the best among tv addons for Kodi.

Music add-ons could be used for three different tasks:

  • Radio-broadcasting, including online radio and live radio (available if your device has required components)
  • Creating of playlists and storing of your collection.
  • Music production, but all of these tools are not as useful as PC version of special software. Still, if you want to have some fun and even create own track – they could be enough.

Program add-ons section contains a wide range of tools for different purposed. On the screenshot you may notice the cCloud, which is may see before among tv addons for Kodi. It is extremely easy to explain: some of add-ons are complex, so they may perform tasks and objectives that are not related with their initial purpose.

Every single Android or Amazon App, which is installed on your device, may be run via kodi. TV addons often have its own application, so if you had already subscribed for Netflix, you do not need to pay again – just launch the app through the media center.

Some newbies may be wondering where they should find new add-ons and we have the simple instructions for them. Here is the list of all possible sections.

  • All repositories section is place, where all downloadable add-ons are sorted by genre or purpose. Most of them does not have proper descriptions, but still you can use the Google. The only restriction: if you are not sure about the certain app, do not install it.
  • There is a dropbox icon placed on the top left corner of the add-on screen. It contains new ways to install the tools.
  • Search covers all available repositories, which you had already connected to and some kind of Kodi app store.
  • Repositories usually contain several hundreds of kodi add-ons simultaneously, so if you are not confident about the list of tools that you need, just connect to one of them.
  • Android and Amazon kodi boxes users may install the add-ons from zip-files, which was previously downloaded from different portals. Please, make sure that you are going to install the add-on from reliable source.

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