How to watch HBO, AMC, Starz, Showtime on Kodi 2016

Hi! Today we are going to teach you how to watch HBO, AMC, Starz, Showtime on Kodi. The secret is cCloud add-on, which is easy-to-use and stable. We know that there are some alternative ways to watch all this popular channels on Kodi, for example, DNA TV, which installing is described in another article.

Launch the VPN-tool you have installed and then launch the Kodi itself.

Now move to the Add-ons section. Click on the gear icon to access the settings, and then allow the application to get the add-ons from unknown sources.

There will be a warning, but installing of cCloud TV on Kodi is completely safe.

Get back to the Home Screen and click on the gear icon again.

Here you need to find the File Manager, which is the last item in the list.

In File Manager you need to add a source that is necessary for downloading the cCloud add-on, so just tap on Add source.

In the next screen, you need to tap on <None>.

Enter the into the line and press OK. You need to type it just like on the screenshot, because the mistake will force you to start the entire process again.

In the lower part of the window, you need to enter the name of the source. In your case, it is called Kodi Isr Then press add.

Now we are coming back to the Add-On section of Home Screen. On the top left part of the screen there is an image of opened box, just tap on it

This section allows the user to choose the location, where add-on is stored, and install it manually. Tap on the Installing from zip-file.

Pick Kodi Isr –

Then you will get back to the previous screen and there will be a notification, just like one that you can see on the screenshot. Now you need to pick the Install from repository section.

Pick the ..Kodil Repository

Move to the Video Add-ons.

Find the cCloud TV and tap on it.

Install the add-on

After the cCloud add-on is successfully installed, you can now start watching the live broadcasts.

Now you know how to watch HBO, AMC, Starz, Showtime on Kodi in 2016.

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    1. There is a new ways to watch HBO and all premium channels, cause all addons constantly update they platforms. I will post it soon. For now try to use DNA TV

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