How to watch HBO, AMC, Starz, Showtime on Kodi 2016

Update 02/26/16

Since Woody gone from Phoenix, here is few ways to watch your favorite channels:

Use cCloud TV, DNA TV, Channel Pear. 

I will post updates soon.


Easiest way to watch HBO/AMC/Starz/Showtime/Syfy/FX

GO Phoenix under MOVIES category


Choose Woody




click on USA TV


and simply search for HBO , Showtime, Syfy , Starz, FX




11 thoughts on “How to watch HBO, AMC, Starz, Showtime on Kodi 2016

  1. Followed all the steps but there is no HBO, STARZ, SHOWTIME, live us channels or any other premium channels

    1. There is a new ways to watch HBO and all premium channels, cause all addons constantly update they platforms. I will post it soon. For now try to use DNA TV

  2. On kodi. If you have the beast installed go to live tv then live tv again pick folder tv) then pick hbo. Works for sure

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