How to install Kodi on Windows

Most of Kodi users prefer Android or iOS, but this application suits Windows great too! Today we are going to teach you how to install Kodi on Windows. Is this tutorial, we used Windows 7, but the entire process is the same for all newer versions.

We consider Kodi as the best media center for Windows and we hope that you will share our opinion. However, there are multiple warnings. At first, you cannot install Kodi on Windows XP, because this version of OS is not supported by app itself. At second, Kodi works even on single-core CPUs with frequency more than 2.6 GHz. Finally, Kodi may use a lot of disk space for its libraries and drives, so make sure that free space ammount is at least 4 GB.

Moreover, you should download proper version of Kodi from the official website – . Windows 8 and 10 users may get it for free right from the app store, while WIndows 7 users have to download it manually. Today only 32-bit version is availalbe, but it should work smoothly even on 64-bit operating systems.

How to install Kodi on Windows: step by step

Right after you launched Kodi Setup, you see this window.

License agreement is standard; just press “I agree”.

You should install Full version of Kodi for Windows to prevent any kind of possible issues.

Choose the destination folder according to your preferences.

Do not change a thing here, click Next.

Now the installing process had started.

If you will click on “Show details”, you should see something similar.

Install of Kodi on Windows is complete. We highly recommend you to Run it just after.

Congratulations, you had successfully installed Kodi on Windows, so you can set it up in accordance with your needs.

Note: the current vesion of Kodi (17.4) was used in this tutorial. If the way of install Kodi on Windows will change, the tutorial will be updated.


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