How to install Kodi on iOS

Hi. Everyone! Offical Kodi app is not available in AppStore or in iTunes, so it is pretty hard to install it on iOS device. However, we find the great way to perform this task.

First, you need to download Kodi app from the official download page, which is displayed on the screenshot below and the Cydia Impactor. The second application is one more great software with the open source code. You can download it here ( Just click on the link!

How to install Kodi app on iOS: step by step

Connect your device to the PC or laptop. Launch the Cydia Impactor and drag downloaded Kodi package onto it.

Here you need to enter your Apple ID. If you are afraid of something, you can register one more just for this case, but we can ensure you the entire process is completely safe. Now you need to wait several minutes before the Kodi will be installed on your device with iOS! Icon is now on your main screen.

Just one more step before launching Kodi. Go to Settigns, pick General, and then Profiles, just like on the screenshot.

Your task is to need to find the Apple ID, which you entered in Step 3 and mark it as trusted. Now it is done.

As you can see, it is not necessary to use jailbreak, if you want to install the Kodi on iOS.

For cases, when your device had already been hacked with jailbreak, read another version of this guide.

We sincerely hope that Apple developers and managment will note the popularity of Kodi among iOS users, so they will add it to offfical AppStore and to the iTunes, becuase we thing that thing’s not fair. For example, Android users can download Kodi right from the Google Play and install it in several seconds, while iOS users have to perfrorm a lot of different tasks to launch Kodi on their devices.

Kodi itself does not violate any kind of right or licenses and, even some of add-ons do violate it, Kodi Team has no opportunity to restict production of additional content since Kodi is sofrware with open source.

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