How to install Kodi on iOS with jailbreak

Hi, everybody. If you have the Apple device and want to know how to install Kodi on iOS with jailbreak, this tutorial was designed especially for you.

This method will work on most devices, but if the crashes appear, please, use the same way as we use in “How to install Kodi on iOS” guide, which was released on previous week. Link —

Note: Cydia Impactor and Kodi iOS package should be downloaded beforehand!

First, you need to open Cydia Impactor, go to the tab called “Source”. Then you should press “Add” and type the into the field. Check out the screenshot below to make sure that you have made everything right.

Now you should wait several minutes until the package will be downloaded. This term depends on performance of your device and connection speed. Then team Kodi section should appear.

Then you need to go to the “Sources” tab again and pick Team Kodi – Multimedia – Kodi iOS.

Here you should just press Install and wait.

When everything is complete, you can go to the main screen and launch Kodi.

For people, who still have some questions like “how to install Kodi on iOS with jailbreak”, should visit official wiki page or learn how to install Kodi, using  Xcode and iOS App Signer. Xcode is powerfull tool, which was developed by Apple itself, so there is nothing to worry about, but we recommend you to download it from the official web-site to avoid mallware and viruses. If you are Mac user, you may download it right from the app center, but note that there is also a version for Windows. However, you should have your own Apple ID, but you can register it for free. All you need is valid e-mail adress.

If any of these methods did not worked out with your device, you should drop all the settings to default and then try to start over again.


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