How to download XBMC Kodi fast and safe

This article shows several ways to download xbmc kodi. Actually, today you cannot download the Xbox Media Center any more, but Kodi is developed by the same team and the migration between applications is possible.

Today, there are several ways to download xbmc kodi, depending on your device. The only reliable source is the Kodi official web-site ( Other portals may force you to pay to download xbmc kodi, but you should never do it. The application is completely free, so selling violates the License Agreement.

To ease the kodi download, xbmc team added the application to every market, on every operation system. Below you can see the screenshot of Windows App Store

Moreover, this is Google Play Market.

To launch iOS kodi download, xbmc has fix several copyright issues first. However, if you need only the remote control download, xbmc is glad to announce official Kodi Remote constole, which is available in iTunes.

This is how official download page ( looks like.

You can pick you platform and the proper version of installer by clicking on the icon.

Anroid offers both 32 and 64-bit versions of APK and a testing pack.

MacOS has its own customized installer.

If your platform is not in list, you may visit “Other” section. Clicking more opens a great list of available devices.

Kodi download for XBMC

It is one more serious topic, which is not understood by most of users. It is impossible to perform kodi download for xbmc. Kodi is just an application. Xbox Media Center is just an application too.

XBMC = Kodi. The developing team decided to change the name of brand in 2014. The only way to save all your data and settings is kodi download and upgrade for xbmc, which had been already installed on your device.

Hope, that we helped you to deal with misunderstanding and now the world is a little bit clearer for you.

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