How to buy used Kodi box on ebay and really save money?

New Kodi boxes could be pretty expensive, so some people want to save money. Today we are going to teach you how to buy used Kodi box on ebay. There are several hints that may help you to avoid scammers and broken products.

Price is too low

For example, if you are looking for new Apple Kodi box on ebay, you will find out that this device costs more than $150 per set, while used devises are being sold for approximately $50. In this case, you should pay attention to the performance of box, the version of installed software and availability of add-ons.

Moreover, first generation of Apple TV does not seem to be powerful enought to handle with latests versions of Kodi loaded with huge bunch of different add-ons. In addition, there may be installed outdated add-ons or add-ons that are not longer supported by its developers, so you will not be allowed to watch your favorite shows.

The seller is from another country

It is pretty common issue, when you buy used kodi box on ebay and the only available language is Romanian or Chinese. In more rare cases, there could be only foreign non-English channels available. Thus, you used to want to save money and now you need to purchase one more box. Nevertheless, there are some trusted sellers form Australia, England and Germany, so you should not be paranoid about the origin of used box.

Bids make you to pay more than you were going to spend

In some cases, unreliable sellers, ask their friends or family members to make fake bids on their lots on ebay. It means that your bid is beaten again and again and by the same person. Define the sum that you are ready to spend on used Kodi box and do not exceed it. Used devices are cheaper, but such an annoying competitors can force you to overpay for it. Be careful and attentive.

We hope that our hints and tipls will help you to pick the Kodi box on ebay that will match all your requirements, but remember that most sellers do not want to repair broken devices, so you should pay just after you have tested the box. Good luck!

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