How to buy Kodi box on eBay: choosing the platform

Hi to everyone! Today we are going to tell you how to buy Kodi box on ebay. There are thousands of different offers, so unexperienced users may have some difficulties choosing the most suitable device.

Fire Stick TV

According to customer reviews, it is the simplest option for Kodi box. The original Amazon TV interface is user-friendly, so almost everyone would be able to install new add-ons or update software. Nevertheless, you should not mess custom Amazon Fire TV with devices with Fully Loaded Kodi. The main difference is in payments. For example, if you want to watch the movies right from the Amazon Fire TV, you should buy this movies beforehand, while Kodi add-ons and libraries allow you to watch all of your favories movies and TV-series for free and it is awesome!

Android Kodi boxes

This kind of operations system allows you to install newest add-ons and makes Kodi software almost universal for users’ needs. Kodi boxes differ by amount of quads, RAM, size of hard disk and overall performance. Remember that Anrdoid applications could be launched via Kodi too. However, some of sellers on ebay offer you just hardware, without any operating system or add-ons. This is the option for geeks, who can set up boxes on their own. But users who are not keen on customizing of their own boxes, should look for fully loaded and updated boxes, because some of them consist outdated add-ons, which are not longer supported by the developers.

Apple TV

Apple TV with installed Kodi is pretty rare stuff, so this kind of boxes may be considered as the most expensive. Therefore, you should be extremely attentive, because there are a lot of scammers, but our portal helps you to define them and we check every our offer, so if you are going to buy the Kodi Box via the link from, it is 100% safe.

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