How to buy Kodi box on Amazon: useful tips

Answering the question “how to buy Kodi box on Amazon” we did not focused on the purchasing itself, instead we would like to show you some details that should be noticed.

Version of Android

People, who develop the add-ons for Kodi, depend on the stable version of Android. It means that some of your favorite channels will not launch in case if your Kodi box operating system is outdated. Fortunately, most of sellers offer fully loaded Kodi boxes with an option of auto-update.  In cases, when automatic update is metnioned as one of the product features, we recommend you to ask the seller about such option.

Is this offer so juicy?

Everybody wants to get the best products for the lowest price, this is part of human nature. But should you try to save the maximum amount of money when you buy Kodi box on Amazon? This is important question. For example, you saved 5 dollars and bought the device without an option of automatically updating. Thus, you should update Kodi on your own when the time will come or call the specialist and pay him approximately 20 dollars. Do not let the juicy offers to fool you!

Additional channels and add-ons

Let us come back to the saving of money once again. Presumably, you are from United States or Canada and your do not want to watch soap operas, cartoons and Korean channels. The amount of different add-ons for Kodi boxes is enormous, but do you need all of them? Read the descriptions and the reviews. If you still got questions, please, visit other sections of your web-site. The amount of articles is expanding every week.

And here come one more important warning: most of add-ons should be updated manually, or maybe, some of the are not longer supported, so you should check them all right when you get your box. This allows you to contact the seller and let him explain everything you need. Fortunately, most of vendors today has their own support agents, so it should be easy for you.

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