Guide: How to upgrade XBMC to Kodi

Hi to everyone! Tonight we will teach you how to update xbmc to kodi. This is an important process, especially if you would like to save all your settings.

How to update XBMC to Kodi on Android device?

It is restricted to uninstall the xbms application before you will complete the kodi install.

To make sure that all of your data is safe, you should make a backup and then update xbmc to kodi. The application has a great wiki-like portal that explain a lot of process. In addition, there is a special forum, where you can ask you questions. Thus, to learn everything about backing up for cases, when you update xbmc to kodi, just visit this page ( and search for the information you need. If you do not want to install third party application for this task, but you still don’t know how to update xbmc to kodi without loosing data, use the built-in backup add-on.

One more important moment is similarity of App ID. People, who want to update xbmc to kodi and save all the settings, should use the last stable version of xbmc on their device. For example, if you are MiniX Edition user, your only way to transfer preferences is converting the backup.

In other cases, you can upgrade xbmc to kodi just by installing the application on your smartphone or G-Box. It is quite simple procedure, but we have described it in another article, which is available here.

How to upgrade XBMC to Kodi on Windows?

To upgrade xbmc to kodi, you need to make sure that XBMC is closed and related processed do not run at the moment. Then you need to download kodi from the official website. Unfortunately, only 32-bit version is available now.

Follow the instructions: “Next” – “I agree”.

Pick the “Full” version of the application to upgrade xbmc to kodi.

Install and then, when the dialog will appear, press “Yes”.

Watch the screenshot below. You should get the same message.

If something went wrong, please, visit the official migration page –

Now, when you know how to upgrade xbmc to kodi, you can help your friend to make it too. Kodi is developing extremely fast and it has a lot of cool features, add-ons and other useful staff.

P.S. The article, which is explaining to upgrade xbmc to kodi on Mac and iOS is in progress, so stay tuned!

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