Free Kodi download: you do have to pay for a thing!

Free kodi download is the only way, so if you will notice the person or website that is trying to sell you a copy of this application, report it as fast as possible. However, there are several option for kodi tv downloads.

Amazon Fire TV

Unfortunately, you are not able to download kodi tv right from the application center, because some of right owners consider it as illegal, but still, all of them could not stop you from kodi tv download. Anyway, we highly recommend you to download kodi tv preset, which a pack that consists of several prepared add-ons and allows you to watch just the certain list of channels. It is useful, because you would not like to see only Chinese or Korean channels after kodi tv download, so you should choose the pack wisely.

Official wiki-page ( offers one more way for free kodi download, so we will not describe it one more time. If this option seems too complicated for you, in the web, there are a lot of tutorials that can tell you everything about free kodi download, and one of them, the best one, is going to appear on our portal.


There are too many pages that offer you kodi free download, but most of them are made by scammers. There are two kinds of possible threat. First is application with the virus inside. It means that after installation, all your data will be stolen and the device will be blocked.

Second is installing of malware applications in the background during the kodi free download. It is even worse than virus. At first, you will get several pretty useless applications. At second, there will be many notifications and annoying adds, so you won’t be literally even make a call. At third, you know nothing about the developer of malware, so you cannot be sure about the safety of your personal data.

Therefore, if you are Android-device user, you may perform kodi tv download in two ways: via Play Market or via apk.

The first option may be not available for several modern devices or android-emulators like Nox or Bluestacks. In other cases, you just need to enter the Play Market application on your device and start the kodi tv download.

The second option is kodi tv downloads section on the official website. The links have not changes for ages, so you may use it any time you need:

Here you will be able to pick you platform and the right frequency. For example, the 32-bit application could be installed on device, with 64- bit operating system, while 64-bit application will not launch even installing process on 32-bit OS.

If you are not experienced developer, we do not recommend you to choose the “Nightly” version, which are available for kodi tv downloads. Any of them should be updated manually.

Kodi Helix download is outdated

Let us tell you a bit about the versions of this application. Every of them has codename during the development stage. In addition, when v14 was the stable one, you should search for kodi helix download, while v15 is called Isengard and the last available v17 is named Krypton.

Fortunately, we care about you, so you can download the actual version of the application right from official website. The link was already posted, but let us do it again –

Remember, that kodi helix download is not available anymore, so you should install the latest stable version, which is named Krypton.

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