Exodus, new add-on from creator of Genesis, read how to install it

Exodus, new add-on from creator of Genesis, read how to install it Unfortunately, Lambda team stopped the support of Genesis, but they created new TV add-on called Exodus. You can read how to install Exodus in this article. How to install Exodus on Kodi: step-by-step tutorial Tap on Settings, the gear icon in the top…

How to Install DNA TV add-onn (HBO, Showtime and many more)

Kodi is the easiest way to watch your favorite series on you Android device. In this article, we are going to show you how to install DNTA TV add-on for HBO, ShowTime and many more. Keep in mind that process is pretty complicated, but if you will follow all instructions, this should not be tough….

How to remove ADULT category from the main menu

Adult category is not what you would like to show to your kids. Fortunately, kodi has a great way to remove the adult category from the main menu. Following these steps allows you to remove the Adult section main screen of Kodi, By the way, this method works for any other kind of category too….

CAST A WAY is a new add-onn to watch LIVE SPORTS 2016

CAST A WAY is a new add-on to watch Live Sports via Kodi. However, you should install it fist, so we are glad to provide you complete tutorial. Note: this is complete tutorial, but you may skip several steps, if Fusion was installed before. Click on System and then File Manager Add new source for…

How to watch HBO, AMC, Starz, Showtime on Kodi 2016

Hi! Today we are going to teach you how to watch HBO, AMC, Starz, Showtime on Kodi. The secret is cCloud add-on, which is easy-to-use and stable. We know that there are some alternative ways to watch all this popular channels on Kodi, for example, DNA TV, which installing is described in another article. Launch…