Any issues? Kodi Wiki is here to help!

Kodi wiki is the best source of knowledge about the history of the application. Every new developer, every new feature, and every file extension – here you can find answers for most of your questions. You may find out how the kodi wiki looks by visiting the page – or via the screenshot below.

The entire kodi wiki is divided into three sections, so we are going to tell a little bit about each of them.

General Topics

  • There are a lot of useful topics and tutorials for people, who had launched the kodi for the first time in their life.
  • Video, audio, pictures – Kodi give you a lot of tools to interact with all media files and here you can learn how to do it.
  • Developers of Kodi and other media applications use a lot of slang, so it will be easier to understand the instructions, if you know every meaning.
  • Remote control set up may be challenging, but you are not the first, so there are a lot of guides and tips for every issue.


  • Every single update Kodi gets a bunch of new features, so if you would like to keep the hand on pulse of innovations, you should visit “New features” section of kodi wiki.
  • There a lot of devices that support kodi, so the full list could be found here. Installing instruction could be useful too.
  • Add-ons allow you to turn your Kodi device into customized media center. However, kodi is open source code application, so if you got any issues with certain add-on, you should ask its developer, but not the Kodi Team members.
  • In several months, you may want to know more about settings and hidden features, so the “Advanced topics” section will wait for you till this moment.


  • OK, we have finally reached the geeks’ castle, where programmers, developers and advanced users may share ideas and offer new features.
  • Everyone may offer a test build of Kodi for certain platform, so if you are not sure about compatibility of application and your current device, just visit “Test builds” section.
  • Several users from all over the world could create skin or add-on. Development section was designed to unite developers from all over the world.
  • It is great, if you are good in English, but what about other languages? Enthusiasts may offer their translations to make the kodi experience more suitable for people, who are not as good in foreign language.


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