Answering what is Kodi

People, who are looking for TV, may be wondering “what is kodi”. It seems that Kodi-devices are almost everywhere, so we will not talk about the hardware itself, because it might take ages: it is easier to count the devices, which have not been supporting Kodi yet. Thus, we would like to focus on the story and opportunities of this software.

The simple answer for question “what is kodi” sounds like: the tool, which able to turn even your smartphone into versatile media center. It has open source code, so it may be even called a product of several people from all over the world. However, the project was started 15 years ago.

XBMP is the first name of modern Kodi. In 2002, it was just cool application for Xbox, because it allow to use it as some kind of media center. Two years past and it was transformed into Xbox Media Centre. Today, they idea of controlling every device in the house from one single application may seem ordinary, but it sounded like revolution just a decade ago.

The range of supported devices extended, so Xbox was not included into list of the most popular ones. That is why, in 2014 XBMC was renamed into Kodi. Today, Android users all over the world estimate it highly, because it gave an opportunity to turn your smartphone into the heart of media center. It is almost impossible to find the file extension that could not be supported by Kodi.

However, most of modern users need Kodi only for one single target – watching the live broadcasts of their favorite channels. Since there is no official add-ons from any of national channels, the question “is Kodi legal” today is more frequent than “what is Kodi”.

Using Kodi is completely legal, even if you are watching somebody’s live retranslation, you are not a criminal. However, the person, who is going to steam the broadcast of ABC or Fox may have issues with copyrights, but, anyway, it is not the problem of viewer.

Some of “pirate stations” may be even chargeable, because its owner need to change IP pretty often to avoid blocking. Moreover, stable servers allows to increase the quality of stream. In some cases, buying a G-Box with Kodi installed may be even cheaper than subscribing for any of channels, especially, if you just need to watch single TV-series for about ten times a year.


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